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"Ra-Kurs" commercial offer

The company "RA" is actively involved in own development and attraction of intellectual potential of Russia and CIS countries, as well as promotion of modern, the most effective technologies of treatment and prevention of diseases in various fields of medicine, techniques of common revitalization, as well as diagnostics and correction of psycho-emotional states.

Automated hardware-computer complex of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of various forms of dependency and psychosomatic diseases "Ra-Kurs" is the most effective in professional terms and the most highly profitable commercial product of the company "RA"
The method of addiction treatment "Ra-Kurs" possesses significantly advanced diagnostic and treatment capabilities and is a Complex method of treatment of alcohol and nicotine dependency, based on which it was being created during more than 10 years of practical and theoretical development.
The method is based on basic theories of human physiology, general medicine, psychiatry, psychology, psychophysiology, physiology, endocrinology, involving works of the best domestic and foreign specialists in these areas, both classics and contemporaries.

The theoretical concept of the method allows you to substantiate the mechanisms of the emergence and development of all addictions, conditions and diseases, to treat which, the method "Ra-Kurs" is used effectively.

Exclusive professional effectiveness of this method is stipulated bythe use of an optimal combination of therapeutic effects with the assistance of:

In addition to the highly professional effectiveness which allows achieving lasting results in patients, many times unsuccessfully treated by other methods, the method "Ra-Kurs" is a highly profitable commercial product that allows even entrepreneurs, who do not have a medical background, to start a lucrative medical business from scratch, as well ten times to increase the marketability of running health centres and repeatedly raise their rating due to the high efficiency of the treatment.

The method "Ra-Kurs" is fundamentally different from the most common chemical techniques of chemical blockade, coding or programming, as well as from psychotherapeutic methods for treatment of addictions and involves working with patients with the use of schemes of the allopathic and homeopathic treatment, quantum therapy, UHF-therapy, psychotherapy, transcranial electrical stimulation, reflexotherapy and laser puncture in a certain combination, specially selected based on the results of computer examination.

The method "Ra-Kurs" is used in the treatment of the following forms of addictions and diseases

Computer program

Medical-diagnostic computer program is one of the main components of the complex and can be operated even by the doctor, not familiar with homeopathy and reflexology and other methods of exposure, used in the method. The program is designed for advanced diagnosis of addictions (diseases) and development of detailed schemes of therapeutic effects and work with the patient as a whole, as well as schemes to prevent addictions and diseases. The diagnostic and treatment program involves more than 40 psychological tests and methodologies for objective examination, that allows to provide high objectivity and efficiency of therapeutic schemes developed.

The program carries out the followings:

The program also has a database filled with information about each patient, who was treated at the physician’s. What:

Work in partnership with the company "RA" provides continuous updating of the computer program at least once every 12 months, with a view of improving and deepening methods of diagnostics and treatment schemes and expanding the list of medical services. Delivery of the updated versions - within the franchising package

Methods of diagnosis

The method "Ta-Kurs" uses more than 40 diagnostic techniques, gentle description of each of which is reflected in the relevant section of the website

Methods of therapeutic effects

Method "Ra-Kurs" uses the following types of treatment, each of which is described in the corresponding section of the website

  1. Homeopathic therapy
  2. Transcranial electrical stimulation
  3. Quantum therapy
  4. SHF-therapy
  5. Reflexotherapy

These methods are used in the most efficient, individually selected combination according to schemes, developed on the basis of computer diagnostic techniques.

Assembly and maintenance of the complex.

The cost of automated hardware-software complex consists of the followings:

The cost of the complex "Ra-Kurs"

Fully specified configuration and maintenance is 73 500 $

Discounts up to 20% depending on the form of payment

The first partner in the state gets economically advantageous offer to be a representative of RA in the state with the possibility of quick payback of the medical center and continuing generation of additional profit

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