Franchise offer

  • Monthly profit from 5000 up to $ 25,000.
  • Return of investment for up to 10 months
  • Total investment up to $ 110,000
  • Term of run from the moment of decision making - up to 90 days
  • Premises - from 65 to 120 sq.m.
  • Special education and skills are not required
  • The lump-sum payment (the cost of the hardware-software complex Ra-Kurs) is 73 500 $
  • Each partner is granted exclusive rights to use the method, brand and computer software Ra-Kurs in the region of doing business
  • Royalties of $ 1,000 per month.
  • Deferment of royalty payment 10 months since the start provided the franchising package in full

Medical system "Ra-Kurs" expands its network of centres for the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of various forms of dependency, conditions and diseases, based on automated computer hardware-software complex "Ra-Kurs".

In our medical centers we make hardware diagnostics and conduct effective treatment of alcohol dependency, nicotine, food, Internet, gaming addictions, substance abuse, anorexia, drug addiction, depressions, neuroses, other conditions and diseases using the method “RA-Kurs".

Method "Ra-Kurs" was designed on the basis of a Comprehensive method of treatment for alcohol and tobacco dependencies (patent 2145888 dated 27.02.2000) and is the result of its development and expansion over the ten-year period of its practical use. The method is based on the combined quantum and laser therapy, microwave resonance therapy, reflexotherapy, transcranial electrical stimulation and homeopathy.

"Ra-Kurs" includes both elements of ancient Eastern practices, and recent advances of high technology.

Method "Ra-Kurs"is used for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of

The benefits and differences of the method include:

  • unique for addictology efficiency - recovery of 85% of patients in treatment;
  • the possibility of subsequent doses of alcohol without the risk of relapse;
  • treatment of all forms of alcohol dependency, including beer, women and teenage alcoholism;
  • the absence of negative effects on the psyche, personality changes as a result of treatment;
  • radical treatment of gaming, computer, food, drug dependency using the methods of objective impact.
  • provision of guarantees to cure from perpetual dependencies;
  • individual approach taking into account many factors and characteristics of each patient;
  • parallel treatment of internal diseases;
  • availability - low cost of treatment, the possibility of a staged payment.

Commercial offer

We offer you to participate in the project of development of a European-wide network program to combat various forms of dependency.

The moral justification for the case, the scientific validity of medical technology, high rates of return (up to 700% per year), low competition in the segment, tremendous prospects for development make our offer unique.

To open your own medical center, we provide you a full set of required knowledge, technologies, techniques, equipment and drugs. No special knowledges and skills are required from the Partner. Comprehensive support is provided to our Business Partner at all stages of opening, running and follow-up work:

  • A full range of support and assistance at the stage of preparation for the opening of the Medical Center: help in the selection of facilities, personnel, equipment, licensing, providing promotional materials.
  • Centralized advertising promotion, targeted advertising support, direct referral of regional patients to medical centers of our Partners.
  • Maintenance of computer programs and its updating as far as new developments and technologies emerge and increasing the list of medical services.
  • Expanding the list of equipment of the Medical Center as far as new developments and technologies emerge and expanding the list of medical services.
  • Training, qualification and occupational study of the personnel of regional medical centers.
  • Provision of advices and technical support online for medical technologies, devices, drugs, advices on the treatment of complex patients, management and business optimization.

Economic indicators of the project

  • The amount of initial investment: 100,000 - 110,000 $.
  • The amount of initial investment for existing medical institutions: from 73,500 $
  • The planned profit: 5,000 - 25,000 $ per month
  • Payback period: up to ten months.

Break-even point of business is achieved when loading the cabinet only at 20%!

Advantages of our offer

  • High rates of return and profitability at minimum risks:
    • Low competition in the segment of an integrated system treatment of alcoholism and other addictions.
    • The method "Ra-Kurs" has no competitors for the treatment of a number of dependencies.
    • If there is a competition, for example in alcohol dependency treatment, the programs of competitors are 2.5-4 times more expensive.
    • Competitors have no networks and cross-promotional support.
    • Competitors do not give guarantees.
    • Methods of competitors do not have prevention programmes.
    • All “RA” Partners receive exclusive rights to use the brand and technology “Ra-Kurs” in the region of doing business.
    • Monthly income can exceed 50% of the investments!
    • The project is stable to negative changes even in macroeconomics: in times of crisis the demand only increases.
    • Inspection bodies are loyal to medical facilities. Project meet the interests of the state and challenges of economics development: implementation of innovations in small business.
  • It requires no special skills, experience and assets.
  • Effective and extensive marketing program:
    • All calls from your region, of course, are redirected to your medical center.
    • Centralized Internet advertising specifically for your company.
    • Joint cross-promotion of all participants in the system of medical centers
  • Our support program will set you free from all problems. We want your success. We’ll train you to do everything. We’ll show you everything.
    We’ll provide you with everything. We’ll take part. We’ll give you advices at all stages.

About the company

The company "RA" has been working in the medical market of Russia, CIS countries and Europe since the year 2004. The main activities of the company include:

  • Development and introduction of advanced technologies in the field of medicine and healing.
  • Involvement of the scientific, medical and economic potential of CIS countries to build cutting-edge health-related techniques, development of schemes for successful start and management of medical business
  • Implementation of innovations, allowing to avoid competition in the market of medical and health services, both professionally and commercially
  • The entire volume of consulting services for organization of commercial medical offices and institutions from scratch with all the necessary documentation and calculations
  • The entire volume of consulting services for management and development of the medical business and implementation of new directions.
  • Delivery of modern medical and cosmetological equipment.

The products of the company "RA" focus primarily on commercial medical structures, as well as the entrepreneurs, intended to open a medical business from scratch.

  • Technology and equipment, offered by the company, are highly effective, above all, from a professional point of view.
  • We offer flexible schemes for work with partners according to their wishes and peculiarities of their regions
  • We give recommendations for choosing the direction of medical business and relevance of the organization as a whole for each particular region.
  • We choose to offer the most profitable products with maximum return on investment and profit-generating.
  • The prices for products, provided by our company, do not exceed the manufacturers' prices, but often are even lower due to volumes of trade.

We offer proven and most promising directions of activity in a professional, financial and image context. In cooperation with the company "RA" your financial success is programmed!

Commercial aspects of franchise offer

  • Name of franchise: Network of medical centres for treatment, diagnosis and prevention of various forms of dependency, conditions and diseases, based on automated computer hardware-software complex "Ra-Kurs" using the method "Ra-Kurs".
  • The cost of treatment and diagnostic computer set is 73 500 $.
  • Royalties of $ 1000 per month.
  • Delay in royalty payments is 10 months since the start provided the franchising package in full
  • Payback period of up to 10 months
  • Start-up investment from 100,000 to 110,000 $ per month
  • Initial investment for existing medical institutions from 73,500 $
  • Franchising package includes:
    • Automated computer hardware-software complex "Ra-Kurs"
    •  The right to use patents
    • Registration of a patent in the territory of the partner’s state
    • Translation of the computer program into the state language of the partner’s working region
    • Guarantee of exclusive rights to work with this method in the territory of doing business
    • The right to use the brand "Ra-Kurs"
    • The license to use the software "Ra-Kurs"
    • Participation in the corporate website of the company "RA"
    • Participation in the corporate website of the network of health centres “Ra-Kurs”
    • Participation in joint advertisings of the system of therapeutic institutions "Ra-Kurs"
    • Maintenance of computer programs
    • Updating computer programs with the improvement and deepening of methods of diagnostics and treatment schemes and expanding the list of medical services rendered at least once a year.
    • Expanding the list of equipment of hardware-software complex and expanding the list of medical services rendered - as far as updating computer programs.
    • Supply of new manuals and methodical developments - as far as they become available

The first partner in the state obtains an economically advantageous offer to be a representative of the company “RA” in the state with the possibility of quick payback of the medical center and continuing generation of additional profit